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Book and Music Reviews

These publications appeared earlier this month and may be of interest to TVEMF members.

Captain Corelli's Crumhorn by Louis de Bernieres
In this sequel he travels to Cyprus and meets some TVEMF members who introduce him to early music.  The chapter where he attempts to play the serpent is not for the squeamish.

Henry and Danny
A saga of sibling rivalry, jealousy and passion in a musical family, telling of a brillian career cut short by an untimely death.  The music of the Purcell brothers will never seem the same after reading this book by Daniel.

The Bird Fancier's Delight part II
Likely to be of rather limited appeal compared with part I, but the tunes for the ostrich are of interest, perhaps the only pieces explicitly scored for the contabass Curtal.

The Dog Fancier's Delight
Withdrawn soon after its original apprearance, as most of the pieces proved to be too high for human hearing.  The rottweiler items will prove a boon to players of the fretted blasthorn.

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