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May 2003

Rather a short issue this time as nobody has sent any reviews of the Oxford baroque day or the recent Kilburn weekend with Michael Procter. It's not too late.

Musically and socially Kilburn seemed very successful - a lot of people took the trouble to tell me that they had enjoyed it and hoped we would continue to run it. Unfortunately the church was just as freezing as usual although the event was held one to two months later than usual.  I am told that the amount we give the church is nowhere near enough to cover the cost of the heating, which presumably disappears into the lofty spaces of the roof, so we shall have to decide whether to increase the cost of the weekend quite considerably, take rugs and winter clothes regardless of the time of year, or go somewhere else. Views on this would be welcome. We always follow the Sunday service with an optional lunch at Pizza Express, which most people have. As it is rather a complicated business sorting out the bill, I wonder whether it would be a good idea to ask them to supply a set menu (say a choice of pizza, a share of a salad and a glass of wine or other drink) for a fixed price. What do you think?

The unacknowledged list of quotations on the back of last month's Tamesis was provided by David Fletcher, somewhat to the editor's surprise (he added it at the printing stage).  However I am always grateful to receive short items for filling gaps, so if you have any favourite quotations do send them and I will put them in when space allows.
Victoria Helby

Chairman's Chat
This issue will contain the membership list - 330 names and addresses in all. In spite of our interest in music of the past, the electronic age has not passed us by: over 200 members have now given us their e-mail addresses. Nearly half of our members play the recorder, one fifth play the viol and more than two thirds sing. Once second in popularity only to the recorder, the crumhorn is played by a mere two dozen and thus occupies a position more commensurate with its usage in renaissance times.

There will be no crumhorns at the Jeremy West workshop for renaissance wind, but as many cornetts, sackbuts, curtals and recorders as we can manage. Jeremy is a thoughtful, encouraging and very experienced tutor, so please do sign up. This is one of two forthcoming small-scale events for instrumentalists, the other being the Alison Crum day for viols. The cost of these workshops is inevitably rather higher than our usual ones but the smaller numbers will result in more focused tuition.
David Fletcher

Non-TVEMF information
There are plans to run a series of small one-day workshops on early Hispanic music, in Whitechapel starting this summer, date to be announced. The first one is dedicated to the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, and includes rehearsal, Spanish tapas and wine (£35 all inclusive, limited places).   Carlos Fernandez Aransay, the leader, is a London-based Spaniard who directs the London-based professional choir
Coro Cervantes
.   He recently ran an excellent Lacock-organised week in Jimena. Anyone interested please contact Joan Roskelly on 020 8339 9379, or Carlos on 020 7366 6909

Tim Shelton has emailed to tell us about a Hampstead Music Club workshop for singers and players on Purcell's Dioclesian on Saturday June 7th. For more details phone 020 7485 4936.

News of Members' Activities
Several members of the Berkshire Recorder Consort including Director Jane Minns are TVEMF members.   Jane has sent me details of their summer performances, which seem to provide opportunities for food as well as music! On Saturday 21 June they are taking part in the 800th Anniversary Celebration at St Botolph's, Swyncombe, near Henley on Thames from the 3-4. This is a free event and refreshments are available - tea and homemade cakes in the old stables. Contact: Felicity Burrell 01491 641742 for further details.

On Sunday 22 June, they are playing Midsummer Music at St. Michaels Church, Tilehurst, Berks from 3pm to 4pm, followed by a cream tea. Contact: Joan Crossman, 0118 96165577

On Saturday 19th July, music al fresco at Greys Court, near Henley-on-Thames. An evening performance by the BRC in the grounds of Greys Court at 7.45 pm (with other entertainment provided by the National Trust throughout the evening, culminating in a firework display.) Details from the National Trust at Greys Court: 01491 628529

They are also performing at Ibstone Horticultural Meeting on Saturday 2nd August 2003, in the early afternoon.

The British Harpsichord Society
The British Harpsichord Society promotes the awareness, enjoyment, study, performance and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments in Britain. Our aim is to create more public awareness, dispel negative myths and get more people enjoying and playing the harpsichord.

Harpsichords, spinets and virginals are included. Pianos, fortepianos and clavichords are not, but we are happy to point people to complementary organisations such as the British Clavichord Society. It is intended to complement many existing harpsichord resources and sources of information, to be as comprehensive as possible.It is also intended to arrange meetings, talks and concerts to bring together people interested in harpsichords. All offers and suggestions gratefully received.

Who is it for?

Anyone with an interest or occupation related to the harpsichord. Amateur or professional, music lover, performer, teacher, builder or collector. The list is inclusive not exclusive. The British Harpsichord Society membership list will not be published but we will be pleased to be publicly associated with those members who so wish. Those on the brink of an interest in harpsichords are welcome as are those with a lifetime of skill and experience, and all others in between. Those with much to offer will enrich the Society. One day some of those who came with little to offer will take their places.

What will it cost?

Nothing. At first anyway. The aim is to make it entirely e-based. In addition to the website, newsletters are sent out by email. All this costs very little. Arranging harpsichord concerts and visits involves some costs and some risks. Donations are very welcome. Initially the Society will make no advertising charge for weblinks. In time, modest charges may be introduced for advertising those who make their living from the harpsichord. This will depend on the costs of actually running the Society, which are to be kept to a minimum.

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