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Tamesis Issue 249

May 2015

Victoria Helby

Chairman’s Chat
Circumstances have prevented us from holding our annual joint event with EEMF on the 16th of May at either Waltham Abbey or St Sepulchre's Church so it will be in Cambridge. Given that it is to include Spem in Alium and is directed as usual by Philip Thorby, I do not expect the location to have too adverse an effect.

Our following event, music by Franco-Flemish composers with Ghislaine Morgan, is full as far as sopranos are concerned but there is room for more lower voices. I know that Ghislaine is an excellent voice coach so I hope to pick up some useful tips.

There is still time to book for events at the Oxford Early Music Festival and in particular I am looking forward to the afternoon of singing from facsimile on May 16th with Sally Dunkley.
David Fletcher

Early Music Review

Instrument Making Courses
I’ve just discovered the existence of instrument making and maintenance courses in the Cambridge area. Has anybody been on one? You can make natural trumpets, baroque oboes and reeds, recorders and flutes as well as modern instruments. For more info see Now what I really need is a curtal reed making course.

Said a Breakfast Show host, bright and breezy,
I’ll announce early music that’s easy.
With remarkable phlegm
He pronounced Ockeghem
But Purcell where’s the stress?!!* - left him queasy.
Marna Gowan
(reprinted from the BMEMF newsletter with permission)

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