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Book reviews

Durrell: The Alexandria Quartet
Set in early twentieth century Egypt, this book explores the passions and relationships between four very different people. The lovely Justine tempts Darley away from his lover Melissa but is finally seduced by the eponymous Alexandria who dominates the recorder quartet with her unique blend of arrogance, sexuality and musicianship.

Waugh: Viol Bodies
An enterprising instrument maker sets out to convince the world that viols should be made trapezoidal, rather than the traditional shape. He fails.

Arrowsmith: Jackboots and Coronets
A salutary tale of the perils of too readily accepting a spell checker's suggested
correction. The early brass ensemble suffer the attentions of Neo-Nazis and fortune
hunters after a misprint in a concert title is "corrected". Not for the faint-hearted.

Joyce:  Ulysses
This appears to be a somewhat verbose translation of the libretto of Monteverdi's Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patri but in an idiom which some may find offensive. Some of the book is difficult to relate to the original, but just close your eyes and think of Italy.

Dadd: Mutant Ninja Curtals
An early wind band attempts to save civilisation as we know it but merely succeeds in annoying the neighbours.

David Fletcher

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