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Weather Forecast

Here is the Weather Forecast for today, 13th of December, read by Ana Crusis –

The day will begin with fog, in fact, a Magnum Mysterium, which will clear as the sun rises and Masses of Byrd song will be heard followed by gentle Ayres among the Hemiolas.

Now that the Schutzing season is here, Gibbons may be Haydn along the banks of the Holborne.

Although The Leaves Be not Green, there are Anonymous Parsons playing Fantasias in the Aeolian fields.

As Christmas approaches, Macaronic carols will be heard, with very few Musica Ficta above the Cantus Firmus.

The night will be in Phrygian Mode. There is even a possibility of Hail Bright Cecilia!

We hope no Purcell will arrive from False Relations.

Now let us celebrate at the Double Bar because Hodie, Hodie, Alexus Natus Erat!!

And now back to the studio for today’s sports news with Viv Aldi, Grace Notes and Tom Kins.

This musical weather forecast was composed for Alex Ayre, on a significant birthday, by his Wednesday Recorder class and sent to me by member Kathy Edmonds.

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