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Collected Reviews by Sidney Ross
from Tamesis, the magazine of Thames Valley Early Music Forum

Prince Henry Motets

May 2017

Gigantic Polyphony

March 2017

Spanish Christmas in Amersham

January 2017

Music at St. Giles

September 2016

Peripheral penitence

July 2016

Tomkins-the end of the line

March 2016

Meeting the Monster

November 2015

The Great Byrd Mystery

July 2015

The Hamburg experience

March 2015

When in Rome….

January 2015

Cambridge liturgical weekend 2014

November 2014

Baroque in the Methodist ambience

May 2014

A Methodist Renaissance

November 2013

Unpredictability day

September 2013

Hexachords in Headington

May 2013

Byrd was an alto

January 2013

Alma redemptoris mater

May 2012

Hassler in Amersham

January 2012

Tomkins in Ealing

November 2011

Obsequies in Ealing

September 2011

Thoughts after Kilburn

July 2010

Once more in Ealing…

November 2009

Croce in Kilburn

September 2009

Passion and Penitence

March 2009

“Semper aliquid novum”

February 2009

Willaert and friends

November 2008

Kilburn revisited

June 2008

Exploring the limes

May 2008

Ut queant laxis - a diversion

July 2007

Andrea Gabrieli at St Augustine’s, Kilburn

June 2005

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